March 2009
We provided the artwork for the progressive rock project "Agents of Mercy" which revolves around Flower Kings mastermind Roine Stolt.

Participating artists include:
Greg Spalenka, Christophe Vacher, Gary Lippincott, Thomas Canty, Matt Stewart, Marc Fishman, Ian Daniels, Linda Ravenscroft, Marc Potts and many more!
In an age where it becomes more and more difficult to sell physical music albums due to the rise in popularity of MP3 and the general increasing mobility of music storage, I find it very important to turn each new album into a work of art. Not just for the sake of business, but for the thrill it creates for the true collector - those loyal fans who still seek to purchase an album for it's music and the art associated with it. When I pull one of my Yes albums off the shelf it puts a big smile on my face. The artwork on the album lets the music come alive in my head even before I put the disc into the CD player. It also helps the music to become more memorable and aids the album in its attempt to become a timeless treasure.
Sometimes I am downright saddened when I order a new album. Eagerly awaiting the shipment with child-like anticipation, I open the box only to discover disappointment. Too often the packaging - by way of banal imagery and poorly designed graphics - suggests uninspired content. It takes months and sometimes years for an album to be created and I must ask myself why - after such diligent and dedicated work to create the music - would any artist allow their album to be packaged with a less-than-passionate effort.
I think no professional musician should suffer from this fate. Artistic genius and years of dedication to your craft are pressed into that silver disc. Let your packaging sing! And may your covers declare the inspired works contained within!
      Silas Toball
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